Rate limit search api. Unclear for me


Hi ( I am new to twitter API)

I create an application with oauth_access_token an consumer key an so on. It looks like it gives me the right to send 450 request( on search API) every window of 15 mn. I am right ???

But if I want to make more request, can I create an other app and make another 450 request/15 mn ( in parrallel) ???

It look too silly to work.


No, that’s not how our developer policy works.

Section I.2.g:

Do not exceed or circumvent limitations on access, calls, sharing, privacy settings, or use permitted in this Policy, or as otherwise set forth on the Developer Site, or communicated to you by Twitter.

With app-only auth (i.e. no user login) you should be able to make 450 requests in a 15 minute window before being limited. Use the x-rate-limit-limit and x-rate-limit-remaining headers to track this.