Rate limit on DM


Hi, I saw a while ago there were limits of 250/day on DM via the API, but the POST direct_messages/new page updated in May says there are no rate limits. Which is correct?

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Both are correct. Rate limits and rate limiting apply to GET-based API calls. All accounts also have allowances (unrelated to the API) on how many tweets, direct messages, and other write actions they can take.


In the case of DM’s, does the api rate limit apply to the authenticated twitter user or the twitter application doing the call?


DMs aren’t rate limited, but the amount that can be sent is allocated to the user who sends the DMs. Applications have no factor in the amount of DMs that a user can send.


How long is the wait before you can send another DM after you’ve hit the limit. I waited over 15 hours and it still won’t let me


I too would like to know how long to wait after hitting the rate limit. Knowing this will reduce twitter traffic since I wont keep trying.