Rate limit info



Hi to all,
I have read documentation about api read limit but i have a doubt.
This is the documentation:

If user A launches application Z, and app Z makes 10 calls to
user A’s mention timeline in a 15 minute window, then app Z has 5 calls
left to make for that windowThen user A launches application X,
and app X calls user A’s mention timeline 3 times, then app X has 12
calls left for that windowThe remaining value of calls on application X is isolated from application Z’s, despite the same user A

That’s clear, but my dubt is about the difference beetween

  • Requests / 15 -min window (user auth) 10
  • Requests / 15 -min window (app auth) 10

With an app-auth i can made 10 calls for that api in 15 min. This 10 calls in 15 min is the total number for all my app users. I think that’s the behaviour… In this way i can say that my twitter app can make a total of 10 requests in 15 minutes for this api endpoint.
What happen when i login as an user ? As a user i must communicate with my twitter app anyway. As a user the total number of request for my app is the same (10 requests in 15 minutes) or the totale number of available requests is (10 request per users in 15 minutes ) * (total number of user) ?


Once a user authenticates app auth is no longer being used and rate limits are specific to that user.