Rate limit for usr stream in streaming API


Hi All ,

I know that for public stream , we will get max 1% of total fire-hose tweets present at any moment . Is there any rate limit applicable for user stream created for a account ?


Hi Raju:

The 1% of the firehose in the Public Stream is not really a rate limit.

For User Streams, check out the [node:6345, hash=“Connections”, title=“User Stream connections documentation”] for information about the rate limits that apply. In this context, rate limits refer mainly to number of concurrent connections and frequency of reconnection attempts. See also the [node:4206, hash=“Reconnecting”, title=“reconnection documentation”].

Keep in mind that there are other limits, as well. For example, if you use the [node:5892, hash="track ", title=“track parameter”], you are limited to 400 additional keywords to track (i.e., for the User Stream to be supplemented with by public Tweets from the firehose). (That limit is documented on the [node:10389] page.)