Rate Limit for "POST statuses/update"


I wasn’t able send a new tweet after 300 updates with the API and I waited a hour to send more updates, but I got blocked after eight updates.

How many updates I can do per hour to not be blocked?


There is no API-Side Rate limit for this endpoint in place, but internally there is still a limit how many Tweets a User is allowed to Tweet in a given amount of time.
This limit is however as far as I know unknown, maybe @andypiper knows more about this.

I would suggest tweeting a reasonable amount, 300 seems to be a lot…

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Best way to create apps for elevated POST access

There is a rate limit for posting updates but unfortunately it is not documented on the rate limits page.

This is because it is related to the adaptive rules for daily numbers of Tweets etc. These are described on the support site. You can probably start to figure out more appropriate rates based on the knowledge that you have a daily limit of 2,400 Tweets, broken down into smaller 15 minute intervals, and sometimes throttled to avoid abuse. We don’t break out the update limits in more detail than that.

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