Rate Limit for POST "media/upload"


The documentation say that this endpoint is rate limited … but I cannot find what it’s limit.

Who knows what is the limit ?

The X-Rate-*** headers are returned also for this POST ?



@GMaxera Yes. POST response includes X-Rate-* headers. See https://dev.twitter.com/rest/public/rate-limiting has more information about these headers.


Thank you.

I checked the header and the X-Rate-Limit-Reset return a value about a 60 minutes. Is it really so big the window time for media/upload endpoint ?


@GMaxera Yes. It is due to legacy reasons. We may change it to 15 minutes in future to be consistent with other Twitter APIs. We have set upload limits to reasonably high numbers because of 60 minutes window. Note that you will get different limits for image and video files. Video limit is lower than image upload limit.

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