"Rate limit exceeded" while debugging in-progress app


I’m writing a Twitter client for Windows 10, and for the first time ever I’ve just started getting “Rate limit exceeded”. I’m not doing anything extraordinary with my app, and I’ve not had this problem before even in a full day of working on it.

I reset my client secret and key just in case, and that worked for one attempt, but I went right back to error 88 the next time I launched the app.


Hi @Claire - Could you share the request that you are making?


I’m loading the logged-in user’s home feed with statuses/home_timeline.json.


Sounds like you are bumping up against our documented rate limit:
15 Requests / 15-min window (user auth)

Have you been able to make a request again after waiting for a period of time?


I ended up having to reset my API keys anyhow, so this is no longer a problem. For now.


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