Rate Limit Exceeded Error



Hi all,

I have been meddling with a spring boot app which I try to crawl some twitter data.
I have been getting rate-limit-exceeded error since yesterday. I asked for a friend to create another app and just pass me the api key and the api secret. And I placed them in my application.properties file just to overcome this situation.
And I am still getting the same exception!.
Is this normal? Or am I fool enough to overlook something?

Guys, any help is appreciated, because I am really done with this rate limits.



What API endpoint are you using?


It’s GET followers/list

Btw, I’m using Spring Social Twitter, with org.springframework.social.twitter.api
Interface FriendOperations GetFollowers() method.


Have you been connecting to the streaming API endpoints at any time? I would not expect this to happen otherwise, unless your code was aggressively connecting to the followers endpoint.


Yes, I was successfully connecting to the followers endpoint.


How often were you calling the endpoint?


I was calling the endpoint for like only 4 or 5 days, but to be honest I was doing it frequently.
I understand the reason behind this rate-limit but it has been more than one day, and I’m not still able to reach the endpoint.