Rate Limit Exceeded creating new app?



Searching around it seems this comes up often.

I was creating a set of apps for the test sites in our SDLC using the apps.twitter.com (Web UI) site. There are four and I was able to create apps for three (if we could maintain several sites under a single App, it’d be a lot easier to do this). When I went to set up the fourth one, I get the dreaded:

Rate limit exceeded.

Is there a rate limit on creating apps or is this something else? I thought at first it was because I was just cranking them out in rapid succession or because I hadn’t verified my account yet (mail server was having issues). But now, hours later, it still gives me the error (and I’ve verified finally in case that was a consideration).

Anyone have any suggestions here?

Thanks in advance!



Why isn’t that possible?

Generally I think that there is some limit of Apps a user can create, especially in a short period of time. But I am not 100% sure.


There’s a limit to the number of apps you can create per day, yes - I don’t remember what it is - I don’t think it is a published limit. This is to avoid spammers creating massive numbers of app IDs and tokens in short periods of time. If you wait 24 hours you may be OK again.


Seems to be true. 3 apps a day. I was able to create 3 more just now but now I’m getting hit with the error again.

You’d think it might have been better to either make it more complex (e.g. can’t create more than one app every five minutes; can’t create more than X apps in the same hour or two). 3 every 24 hours is a bit ridiculous.


Appreciate the feedback, but equally creating a large number of apps in a short window of time is generally an edge case / unusual for us - take on-board that you are looking to create a number of test sites, but broadly speaking if we were to put this kind of logic in place then people with less honorable intents might game the system to create a lot of keys to do spammy things. That being said, I am very sorry that this has caught you out, and I’ll be sure to pass on the feedback to the policy folks who manage the app creation logic.


It’s. not. an. edge. case!


Hi @Revolt - thanks for the feedback, and your examples.

If you’re using Twitter Kit and migrating a number of apps from Fabric to apps.twitter.com, this should be handled for you at scale via the migration process.

It remains unusual to create a LOT of apps all at once - but I can certainly see the use case for an agency working on multiple apps at a time, or translations like the situation you’ve described here. There are no plans to increase the current app creation limits per account per day etc, but we will take on board your examples at the same time as we work to protect the platform from bad actors.


I am not migrating from Fabric to Twitter. I want to start using share via Twitter for all our apps.


Understand. Unfortunately you’ll need to do so per the rate limit we support at this time, which means creating your apps and keys over a few days. There’s no way to change this at the moment, and no current plan to increase these quotas.


Well, there should be a plan to do so!!! I can’t update my apps because of this.

The limit is also per 24h, not per day. At least put a counter so I can see how much time is left.


Thank you for the feedback.