Rate limit exceed in creating new app at apps.twitter.com


Hi All,
I really don’t understand the meaning of “rate limit exceed” error in creating a new app at apps.twitter.com.
The same message appeared one time simple entering the page https://dev.twitter.com/web/sign-in/implementing.

I’ve no app and I don’t know how to go on.

I will appreciate feedback.

Thank you


I’m experiencing the same kind of problem.


Seems to be a common problem with no answer.


Bump! also struggling with this. is the twitter api stopping itself from making api calls…


BUMP! Seems like a bug or something, how can a rate-limit be exceeded upon app creation?


Actually, this happened to me when I tried to register on an account that had an unveririfed email address. Anyone else confirm?"


I have the same problem. I also have the problem of activating my phone (activation code is not sent). But was able to go further with ipad app - then got “rate limit exceeded” error.
I have created apps before without any problems (last year).


I’m also getting a “rate limit exceeded error” when attempting to create an application.


same issue here! I cannot even create a new app in apps.twitter.com without getting: “Error, rate limit exceeded”. Any good debugger out there?


I don’t know how (i didn’t do anything), but today I’ve succeeded in creating a new app. :neutral_face:


I also have the same problem with an account.
If i try to make the API for another account it works…very strange.
How can I fix this?


dito same problem here. I did not have problems adding my phone number and activating it. but trying to create my first app fails with rate limit exceeded.


Same Problem. Just activated mobile number. Entered all the valid details and I get the same error


I am also having same issue. If anyone found the solution then please do share. Thanks


Same problem here. Too bad twitter


In addition to entering a mobile number, I also found replying to the confirmation text made a difference. Don’t know if it’ll work for you, but give it a shot.


It seems you are not the only one experiencing issues.


Same problem here. Why… why… why… why Twitter?


+! here… When could this be fixed?


Same here. I’m trying to make my app.