Rate limit errors for GET statuses/user_timeline endpoint with max_id in request



Hello. I am requesting tweets via this endpoint - GET statuses/user_timeline with max-id parameter in every request.

For a user, it is said that max 3200 tweets can be retreived.

My query is that if we request more than 3200 tweets PER USER, then will it be violation of twitter policies ? Will we get any error response from twitter side ?


You will be unable to retrieve more than 3200 as this is a technical limitation of the endpoint.


Yes, That is true. But my question is what if we request PER USER more than 3200 tweets. Will it lead to any error response from twitter or is it a violation of twitter policies ?


You can request up to 3200 Tweets for as many users as your rate limits allow, based on a single app ID. Do not create multiple app IDs to circumvent the rate limits. For an individual user handle you will be simply unable to retrieve more than 3200 Tweets. You should not be storing Tweets whole for later display, just the Tweet IDs for rehydration later (to avoid issues with Tweet deletion or protection etc). The policies are all published. I’m not sure what you’re not finding clear here. If you can describe a step by step scenario for clarity, it may help us to answer in greater detail.


Thanks for reply. That answered my question.

Yes. Policies are listed and most of them are clear. Which are not clear, I am clarifying since I would like to follow the policies.