Rate Limit Error with TIBCO BusinessWorks



I am getting below error while accessing Twitter Search

BW-TW-200006TIBCO-BW-PALETTE-TWITTER-500006: [429:Returned in API v1.1 when a request cannot be served due to the application’s rate limit having been exhausted for the resource. See Rate Limiting in API v1.1.(https://dev.twitter.com/docs/rate-limiting/1.1)
message - Rate limit exceeded
code - 88

As per the URL above the rate limit window is 15 mins so ideally after 15 mins the REST call should work. But it has stopped working for me. Tried using the access tokens from a new user account as well. It did not work.
Kindly suggest further.


Are you able to make any call to the Search endpoint from the same machine using e.g. twurl on the command line, with the same API key?

You should have 180 calls in a 15 minute window for user authentication.


No. I am observing the error even today. Though yesterday (30th Sept) it was not thrown, and I made say max 20 calls in the day (excluding the usage of API console, including that may make the calls 40 -50 spread in the day). So I am sure that in 15 mins not more than 5-10 calls were made. And I am using only search API, and the error is seen even today morning.