Rate Limit @AppEngine


I am trying to search from an application from AppEngine and I get rate Limit error quite often. It was running smoothly until last Friday.
When I do the same immediately from my development environment, I get full quota. Is rate limit based on IP or userid? I tried 20/30/36/60 minute intervals. Nothing works for Appengine.

Also, there is a typo in the error message - “Enhance your calm”


Rate limit is indeed based on IP address. The Search API is not really feasible for use on app engine due to the Search API’s lack of authentication. You may have better luck deferring queries to the Search API to client-side.


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  • Stephanie Christy


Is this still the case?
Is there no other workaround? I need to run search queries form AppEngine app and store them in database.


I think many applications running at cloud providers will face this issue.
Is it possible to call the search api in an authenticated way as alternative?


Is it still there that the chances of rate limit based on ip address in REST api v1.1 for the seach api https://dev.twitter.com/docs/api/1.1/get/search/tweets


The older pre-v1.1 version of the Search API considered IP addresses when calculating rate limits. That version is now retired.

The v1.1 version of the Search API does not consider IP addresses when calculating rate limits and is rate limited in the API v1.1 model: [node:10066]


Thanks for the reply. It means that I can use it in appengine.