Rate limit after a few requests




I’m being rate limited by the Account activity API on this endpoint after a small amount of requests (less than 5 per user even if I wait 15 minutes) : POST https://api.twitter.com/1.1/account_activity/all/:env_name/subscriptions.json but the doc says that the rate limit is 500 request / 15min / user

and I’m not receiving the rate limit headers on this endpoint…

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Hi @vivienanglesio - could you just clarify on behalf of how many users your making these requests?


Hi, currently I am making subscription for 9 différents users. If I make more than 3 subscriptions request for each users in a 15min window, I get 429 http response code. So I guess that this endpoint have a rate limit of 15requests for one app during a 15min window and not 500 request by user for a 15min windo like the doc says.


Hi @vivienanglesio - I am going to investigate internally. In the meantime, I suggest working with the rate limits that you are observing now.


Thanks a lot :wink:


@vivienanglesio - We addressed this in your other topic. Please refrain from posting duplicative content to the forums.