Rails gem - Browser "form" popup


Right now, I have the following code on my home page via the Rails gem that pulls the 12 most recent tweets and then uses the twitter widget.js to make the tweets look like the official format.

<% cache “home-tweet”, expires_in: 1.hours do %>
<% Twitter.search("#sweethashtag", :lang => “en”, :count => 12, :result_type=>“recent”)[:results].each do |tweet| %>
<% tweeturl = tweet.id.to_s + “&omit_script=true” %>
<%= Twitter.oembed(tweeturl).html.html_safe %>
<% end %>
<% end %>

My issue is that in safari in particular, when I go to another page, and click the back button…then I get a popup that says

“Are you sure you want to send this form again? To reopen this page Safari must resend a form. This might result in duplicate purchases, comments, or other actions.”

I know that twitter it’s a twitter issue…but I’m not sure why or how to stop it. Any suggestions ? Thank you.


Got the same problem with the standard twitter widget, any help would be great.