Radio stream not showing up


Hi I set up api ,for my radio stream to show songs we are playing on the station , I filled out the form for my streams to broadcast, when I enable it it shows the song playing but it only does this once I have to disable it then enable it for is shows another song playing on the station how do I fix this


I’m unfamiliar with this form.

What Twitter APIs are you attempting to use?



OK so you’ve created a Twitter app (I deleted the screens that showed your private keys which you should keep secret).

What are you expecting to happen? what API endpoints are you calling? I’m confused about what this actually is.

(The Streaming API is for getting realtime Tweet data in an app - it has nothing to do with radio)


I want it to stream , the station songs playing info , that’s what’s its supposed to do , it streams it one time then stops and don’t stream again


What is supposed to do that? Are you using a third party app to do this, or something you wrote yourself?


I put my data in here , this is where my radio stream comes from , it streams to twitter , it shows up like this

but it only does it once then stops trying to figure out why it stops


It looks like you’re using some third party service to post your content to Twitter. We are unable to support you with this as that service is not supported by or affiliated with Twitter and you should contact them for support directly.