Quoted Tweets / Retweets W/Comments Not Received


Hello everyone.

Working with this twitter streaming api, and it seems using the public stream, I am able to catch tweets, retweets, Mentions, ect …

But I dont receive any data when someone retweets one of my tweets, if they add a comment.
Is this an api error, or are quoted tweets not supposed to show in the public stream?


quote_tweet events should be supported in the legacy user streams API. I am not sure about the public stream (statuses/filter).

The Account Activity API (which will replace the user streams) does have a quote_tweet event.


My finding was the same as yours – using the follow parameter in the public filter stream, quote tweets are not returned. For a discussion, see https://gwu-libraries.github.io/sfm-ui/posts/2016-11-10-twitter-interaction



Still waiting for beta access to the api. Really holding up development.


Hello is there any updates on this?
Since user stream has been deprecated, I’ve tried on status/filter, but seems like having the same problem.



It is very unlikely that quote Tweets will appear in the existing statuses/filter endpoint, since that is tagged for replacement / upgrade on the roadmap in future. Quote Tweets do work in the Account Activity API. If you are patient then the replacement streaming API is more likely to support this in the future, but there are currently no dates (or confirmation) attached to this.