Quoted Tweets / Retweets W/Comments Not Received


Hello everyone.

Working with this twitter streaming api, and it seems using the public stream, I am able to catch tweets, retweets, Mentions, ect …

But I dont receive any data when someone retweets one of my tweets, if they add a comment.
Is this an api error, or are quoted tweets not supposed to show in the public stream?


quote_tweet events should be supported in the legacy user streams API. I am not sure about the public stream (statuses/filter).

The Account Activity API (which will replace the user streams) does have a quote_tweet event.


My finding was the same as yours – using the follow parameter in the public filter stream, quote tweets are not returned. For a discussion, see https://gwu-libraries.github.io/sfm-ui/posts/2016-11-10-twitter-interaction



Still waiting for beta access to the api. Really holding up development.