Quoted retweets


I notice the new Twitter quoted retweet format isn’t yet supported by the API. Are there plans to?

For example at the moment a quoted tweet using the new format just has it’s status text set to “[quote] [link to original tweet]”

When you could easily make use of the existing retweeted_status object, so the the containing tweet has the quote and then we could use the retweeted_status object to show the original tweet?

I know it’s a new feature but there was a time when features, such as small ones like this hit the API right at the same time.


I came along to see if there was any spec for a quoted tweet. They appear to be just text with a link to a tweet, is it just that? I’m on mobile right now so haven’t had a chance to look at the json for a quoted tweet to see if there is anything else in the meta.


No there’s just a URL entity of the original tweet.

The original tweet that was retweeted doesn’t appear in the payload.


After playing a bit more, making a retweet with a comment is simply a case of posting a new tweet containing the url of the original tweet at the end.

That’s all there is to it.

How to quote some text with a retweet?