Quoted retweets not showing twitter card image



Hi, everyone!

My company has (had) the Large Summary Twitter Cards configured on our site. We know they were configured correctly as they pass the twitter card validator. When a person tweeted a link from our site the twitter card displays correctly. Our problem arises when we’re retweeted with a comment or quote retweet.

When our links are quote retweeted our large image disappears. The webpage info still appears but no image. After doing testing with other much larger sites, we found that when quote retweeting that their sites fall back onto the summary twitter card instead of the large summary twitter card. This at least allows for a small thumbnail image to display in the quote retweet. How do we enable this to ensure this happens for us too?

We’re using Wordpress and YOAST. Currently, the site has been configured with the original Summary card, but the image still isn’t pulling through on quote retweets.


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