Quick Reply text input not always working



I tried to update my default welcome message, and it returned a successful result with the new structure of my welcome message:

However, After update (which returned successful with the body of the updated default welcome message), quick replies with text input doesn’t work anymore on the web (i.e. text input not working and no placeholder when sending direct message from twitter account using a browser, but the update works perfectly fine using twitter app on mobile).

And the quick reply text input stopped working using a browser not only for the welcome message, but anywhere in the flow that sends quick replies text input. Any idea how to fix that?

Many Thanks.


Hi, just checking if somebody else faced the same problem cause I’m still facing the same problem in browsers. Thanks.


Text input and location sharing quick replies were removed on February 15th as part of the retirement of some of the lesser used features. Apologies for the inconvenience.


@andypiper, thx for the reply … I updated my code and removed text input and location quick replies. I think since these features are deprecated, it should be removed from the documentation so that future users don’t use them :slight_smile:


These options have been removed from the documentation. Thanks.