Quick Replies not appearing on mobile.twitter.com + Location Quick Reply not appearing on desktop



Hey all,

We have a chatbot client which all of a sudden stopped rendering quick reply buttons, but only on desktop and mobile (the app works fine for DM):

Quick replies appear on desktop, but “Share location” does not.
Quick replies and “Share location” do not appear on mobile.twitter.com when accessing DMs.

Did something occur?



Bump. Still occurring.


Just a followup, I looked at what we are sending (via POST direct_messages/events/new)

	"event": {
		"type": "message_create",
		"message_create": {
			"target": {
				"recipient_id": "[REDACTED]"
			"message_data": {
				"text": "OK, now I need to know where it is. Press ’SHARE LOCATION’, a map will appear. With your fingers, move the map around until the pin is in the right place. Then press your ‘SEND’ icon",
				"quick_reply": {
					"type": "location",
					"location": {
						"metadata": "external_id"

And here is the documentation, i don’t see anything that looks like it would be causing an issue:


I also tried to shorten the text, but it didn’t make a difference


The location quick replies and text input quick replies features were removed on February 15, as announced in December. The documentation will be removed shortly.


Location-based services are mission critical to our chatbot. What are we supposed to do?


We’ve seen other developers successfully create location-aware experiences using various Google Maps APIs, or zip or postcode search, for example. Unfortunately, the usage on Twitter was not sufficient to warrant continued support as we graduated the DM API from beta. We appreciate the disappointment and inconvenience that this causes to a small number of developers who had implemented the feature, but we were unable to continue to provide it.

To clarify, quick replies do not currently work on mobile web, but are supported on desktop web and in Twitter’s iOS and Android apps. Third party app support may vary.