Questions on Aggressive Following Policies


Recently I began to try to use twitter in conjunction with my youtube channel, because I thought it would be a good way to reach more people, while also being able to connect with my viewer base and expose new people to my content. None of that I have any issue with.

What I have had an issue with is getting my account suspended, and I am trying to determine why so that I do not cause any more issues. At first, I thought it was because Twitter’s auto spam filters were flagging my account, because I take the time to try and thank every single follower that I get. My first account, where I was following less than 2000 people, and had 600 some subscribers, got suspended, while the account I’m currently using and just started today got flagged for “aggressive following” and suspended twice when I have only followed 231 people. It seems to me that I am having a hard time actually trying to use twitter to follow people, because when I try to follow people and connect with new people, my account gets suspended.

What I want to do is stop getting suspended, so I am trying to better understand what I’m doing wrong when the follow limit is 2000 initially and some people follow thousands of people, seemingly without issue. I’m not doing any follower churning as the faq put it, because this account has only been active for less than 24 hours, so it’s impossible for me to have followed/followed people quick enough to be considered spamming.

One of the two said that my current account was flagged as a spam account, but I’ve posted no links and have only 49 tweets at the time of this writing, so I don’t see how it’s a spam account.

All I am trying to do is figure out how I am using twitter wrong, so that I can stop from getting my account suspended again, because I really do want to use this platform successfully. Can anyone give me guidelines as to what counts as ‘aggressive following’ numbers wise? Or how twitter determines what is or is not spam?


Thanks for reaching out. This helpdesk is intended for developers building on the Twitter Platform. For all other requests, including those regarding account suspensions, harassment, and general support, please refile your request via and @support should be able to help you.

For details on suspended accounts and how to appeal that suspension, visit