Questions about the Twitter Search API changes


Dear Twitter developers,
I’m 18 years old, and almost a year ago, I started creating my first web project, which uses Twitter API. When I started I thought that twitter would be the best option because it was easy for making what I wanted to do with the Search API of Twitter. However right now I’m a bit confused, I don’t know how to carry with that API change. I’m not an experimented developer, I’m just trying to make something new and different from the very beginning (before starting thais project a year ago I didn’t know how to develop anything) and i’m scared that my application is not going to work after the change. I have spend so many hours in this applications, so i don’t want to let my application get destroyed. Please can you help me with it?

I think that it will be easier for developers if you include an option in the API to just search for geolocated tweets, because as I had seen during the developing of my app, is not easy to find geolocated tweets. So I think that would be good for developers (more useful results and faster) and for Twitter (less traffic in the servers because there’s no need to get results that then won’t be used, that currently are about 50% or more)

Thanks to everyone in advance!