Questions about stream api with premium


Hello developers,

We are adquiring twitter premium and I need some help clarifying concepts, I see that now we can use group expressions like:

(happy OR party) (holiday OR house) -(birthday OR democratic OR republican)

We need to listen some terms and grouping is very helpfull, the first question is can we use the previous expression with stream? I am using the endpoint. At this moment without premium I am getting error 401, not authorized.

I use the parameter stall_warnings = true but never get the warnings I can share more .net code if you need it. The basics is I create the call, using method post with the parameters stall_warning=true and track=my_terms and create a loop

res = DirectCast(req.GetResponse(), HttpWebResponse)
streamReader = New IO.StreamReader(res.GetResponseStream(), System.Text.Encoding.GetEncoding("utf-8"))

While True
	response = streamReader.ReadLine()
End While

I only get tweets. ¿How can I get some stall_warnings? Maybe this is a good sign pero I want to try this to adapt to production enviroment.

The third question is if I have problems with stream, can we use the same query, the previuos one for example, to call a /search and get the same results? I already tried and got different results.

In the stream “UTF-8 characters will match exactly, even in cases where an “equivalent” ASCII character exists. For example, “touché” will not match a Tweet containing “touche””.

With the search call is not working like that, I am using SearchOperations.Search of the Spring.Social and the results ignore the accents.

Is very important for keep all clean, that we get the same results with the stream process and the remember process.

The last question, can we use some wildcars like ‘?’ for a character or ‘*’ for some characters with the premium api?. For example I want the terms ‘niños’ and ‘niñas’ and maybe I can use a term like ‘niñ?s’ that give me them.

Thanks in advance !


I’m not sure what product you’re talking about here. There’s currently no streaming option within our premium API family - the only option is premium 30-day search, although others are on the roadmap.

Are you talking about enterprise PowerTrack?


Hello andypiper, thanks for your answer

I was assuming that I could use premium operators in all endpoints

You say I can not use the premium operations

in the track paramater of

Then, Can I never put ‘(’ or ‘)’ to group expressions in the track parameter of this endpoint?

I want to listen something like

(happy OR party) (holiday OR house)

Can I only listen this expression using /search endpoint? With search endpoint I mean

The premium operations can only use in search endpoint? can I add more complexity, like
(new and (happy OR party) (holiday OR house)) ?

Lastly, can you give some light about the how can I get a stall_warning?

Thank you very much


That’s correct. Today we have a single premium API offering, which is a RESTful (not streaming) 30-day search product. More premium APIs are on the roadmap. You’re currently limited to the existing operators valid for the standard statuses/filter endpoint but we have stated that a more powerful alternative will be launched in the future. We have no timescale to share today. There are no changes to the operators you can use with statuses/filter since the launch of premium.

The standard streaming API stall_warnings parameter is documented here.


ok, thanks for your help. Have a nice day