Questions about "Developer Policy"


I am developing an app and would like to know if it has any conflict with the "Developer Policy"
Possible conflict with “Avoid Replicating the Core Twitter Experience”.

My app is a social networking app where each user is a Twitter user. Each user will log on with a twitter account. Each user in the app has a list of users for a specific purpose. The user would then follow that list of users. This list is different than the people that the user is following on twitter.
So essentially each twitter user will follow a list of twitter users which is different from the people the user follows on the Twitter App.

Is this in violation of the clause in the “Developer Policy”
“Use Twitter Content or other data collected from users to create or maintain a separate status update or social network database or service.”

Or is this in violation of any other part of the “Developer Policy” or violation of the Policy “Replicating the Core Twitter Experience”.

Any response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


If the users are already Twitter users / account holders, I don’t really understand the purpose - when you refer to “follow a list of Twitter users”, how is this different to a) an auto/bulk follow tool which would be against the automation rules, or b) simply maintaining lists of users using the lists API?


As Andy said, clicking a button to follow a list of Twitter users would be considered bulk following which is against the rules. If you wanted to display a list of people and your users could follow them individually one at a time, that would likely be fine as long as it’s not spammy and doesn’t result in follower churn.

As an alternative, why not just use the API to make actual Twitter lists instead of storing internal lists and have your users just subscribe to that list instead of following each user on it?