Questions about Ads API access application


Hi team,

One of my clients wants to connect their IDFA (customer data from BigQuery) with Twitter API to reach their customer on Twitter more exclusively. Therefore, they want to apply for Ads API Access from this page.

It would be great if you could help me with the following 3 questions.

  1. After they apply for the API access using the main account, will all PUMA accounts have API access automatically? Or they my client has to apply one by one?

  2. The following question is required on the Ads API Application Form.

The question: Do you license data from GNIP?
Is it necessary for my client to use licensed data from GNIP if they simply just want to connect their data to Twitter API?

  1. My client is setting up their APP from here to get the APP ID.
    The application requires them to input a phone number, however, they want to know if the numbers will be public or shown to any users in certain situations.

Apologies for my lack of basic developing knowledge and thank you so much for your support.




  1. You can authenticate multiple accounts into 1 application, so you just need to apply for access with one application. We recommend you use a3-legged OAuth to authenticate client accounts into your application.

  2. It is not necessary to license data from DES/GNIP.

  3. Your phone number will not be public.

Let me know if you have more questions!


Hi @carmenjyuen

Thank you so much for replying. I have a further question about #1.

Did you mean - instead of Ads API Application Form, my client will be able to give access to all PUMA account with one application by using 3-legged OAuth?

Also, I wonder how should my client combine multiple accounts into 1 application.

Thank you so much!



Hi @ling_lin,

That is right! You would provide a 3-legged OAuth flow on your platform (also known as “Sign in with Twitter”) so all your clients can sign in and authenticate their account into your application. Once authenticated, you can make Ads API calls on your clients accounts on their behalf.



hi @carmenjyuen

Sorry for going back and forth.
In this case, my client is trying to get multiple accounts (the main Ad account and the PUMA accounts) authenticated by themselves. Is it possible for my client to use 3-legged OAuth on their end?



Hey there!
Any chances to get developer account? I already applied one but it was not approved… I’m developing a service to help analyze advertising from multiple sources including twitter and I needs access to the sandbox at least…
Best regards,