Question regarding Full Promotable Users



Is it possible for an account/handle to have multiple “FULL” promotable accounts?

I am trying to understand if account @xyz has account administrator access to @abc, would @xyz be able to create follower campaigns on behalf of @abc AND promote @abc as the user? And when the end user clicks on the “Follow” button, does that mean that they get to follow @abc?

I hope that makes sense. Please advise.


The concept of promotable user is more about which handles are being used to create a promoted tweet with, and @abc having RETWEET_ONLY access but @xyz being the account doing the promotion, would have a promoted tweet from @abc but with the line at the bottom “Promoted by @xyz”. They would definitely follow @abc in this case.

There can only be one full promotable user for the ads account - if the advertiser would prefer to use @abc directly they should use a different ads account.