Question regarding flagged links


All links to my blog are being flagged as malicious. I have filed a ticket, and I understand that similar questions have been asked here, and I have read the link that you regularly post in response to this issue. HOWEVER, I am wondering if anyone can tell me, if my followers continue to click the link in the Twitter warning that says “ignore this warning and continue”, will Twitter eventually shut down my account? In other words, while I await a fix for this issue, is it safe to request that my followers click that link to continue on to my blog without being penalized for doing so? I cannot find a workaround for this issue while I await help from Twitter so I would be grateful if anyone can answer JUST this question. Again, I am not asking for help to RESOLVE this issue, just trying to find a temporary workaround to avoid losing blog traffic. I’ve been using Twitter to promote the same blog since 2009 and my followers are reliant on these tweets. Thank you.


We’re unable to help you with this question here, as it is not an API or platform issue. We cannot help with account-related questions on the developer forums.


Thank you, andypiper. Sorry for asking–I’m desperate and just thought it was worth a shot since I haven’t received any responses to my help ticket.