Question regarding automation and policies


Hi, I was hoping someone might be able to help clear something up for me regarding automation.

I wrote an application that monitored twitter for ‘#tweetticker’, and when a new tweet was posted with that hashtag it would then print a physical copy of that tweet on a receipt printer, take a photo of it and tweet it back to the user. The app has been suspended from write actions at this point, I’m guessing because it was monitoring the hashtag, so anyone who used to would get a reply whether they wanted one or not. Would limiting the responses to only send out if the tweet is directed at my account (@z2kmpc in this case) and contains the hashtag, or would that still trigger a suspension?



These situations are typically policed by our automated anti-spam bots. One of the signals that they may pay attention to is whether a user has responded to or replied to another. Unsolicited @mentions and @replies on a large scale are often an indicator of “bad” behaviour (not implying that applies to your app, but sadly the broader use case applies).

I’m inclined to agree that your suggested change might be ok, but I cannot say for sure, since many of these systems are automated and learn by experience.