Question Regarding Age Targeting



Dear Twitter Staff,

We were made aware by a Twitter representative back in March that Twitter was conducting an A/B testing of the Age Targeting functionality. The test was between the existing Standard Age targeting and the new Coarse Age targeting.

We recently heard from the same representative that the Beta has concluded and the Twitter Ads UI has sunset the Standard Age targeting. As far I can see, it looks like the all of our clients’ accounts in the Twitter UI have access to the Coarse Age targeting.

Coming to the API, it looks like the API is allowing for both Standard and Coarse age targeting options. Are there any plans to remove this from the API? Should we still expect to support both options via the API?

Please advise.


@hwz @JBabichJapan Any advice on this?


Hi, @msbukkuri. Thanks for your question. That’s correct. The coarse age buckets are available through the Twitter Ads UI.

As far as the API, we will continue supporting both the fine- and coarse-grained age buckets. If that ever changes, we’ll make an announcement.