Question regarding Account Activity API enterprise access



We are developing a system where we need to subscribe 1500 user profiles to our Account Activity API listener. Currently the premium API offers packages for maximum 250 users per month.
We have the following queries:

  • What are your enterprise packages if we want to cater this much users?
  • If we complete subscribing 1500 users for our webhooks, do we still have to keep the enterprise package or can we downgrade to the premium packages and still get push notifications for the 1500 subscribed users?


Hello @SibghatullahSo5 - to answer your two questions:

  1. To find out more about our enterprise pricing and packages, please contact the Sales team using this form

  2. In order to get push notifications for more than 250 subscribed users, you will need enterprise access. Premium access only enables you to have a maximum of 250 subscribed users at one time.

Let us know if you have any more questions.


I submitted this form several days ago and haven’t heard from the sales team. Is there any other way to contact them and follow up?



Hi @SibghatullahSo5 - the delay in response is probably due to the holiday. This is the best way to get in touch with the Sales team. Please let me know if you haven’t heard anything back by the beginning of next week and I will escalate this internally.

Thanks for your patience.


Hi @Aurelia,

I still haven’t heard back. Can you please escalate this?



Hi @SibghatullahSo5 - do you have a reference number or (company) name that I can use when escalating this with the sales team?

I’m sorry about the wait, thank you for your patience.


@Aurelia, My developer account is registered under company name “Ibex Digital”. Sales team can contact me at

Thank You for your help on this.


Thanks @SibghatullahSo5 - I will pass this information on to the sales team.


Hi @SibghatullahSo5 - someone from the Sales team reached out to you via email on Wednesday. Can you confirm that you received their email? Thank you.


Hi @Aurelia, yeah i got that email. Just replied to that. My apologies for the delay.

Thank you so much for your help and support in this regard! Couldn’t have done it without you :wink: