Question about validation of twitter card posting


We are in the development of Android and iPhone applications to tweet post to twitter account. User can use twitter authentication to login to our application. From the application users can tweet picture, audio and video tweets. We can post the urls of picture, video and audio like, and But then will open the site and play it. But we need to do as youtube does like. We need to play it from the twitter page itself, by having a View Media link from twitter page. We understand from the that, we can use twitter cards (Photo Card and Player Card) for this purpose.

We have 1000s of users and they will tweet picture and media from the application. We are planning to create html file as described in the documentation and we will tweet in the respective accounts. For example user1 and user2 will tweet. So at that time we will generate user1file1.html and user2file1.html with meta tags described in the documentation. From the documentation we understand that we need to run URLs agains the validator tool. Our question if do we need to run validation tool for the URLs of user1file1.html and user2file1.html ? If so, all the urls we need to run validation tool? More clearly we have to post 1000 htmls then do we need to execute validation for 1000 html urls? Please guide us.

Thanks in advance