Question about twitter display requirements and rating system


I would like to dynamically generate a page on a website with a series of tweets( based on their popularity). To the right of the tweets I would have a like/dislike rating system which would be used to determine the popularity of the tweet.

Am I allowed to place the like/dislike icons near the tweets?
Does the rating system violate any twitter developer rules?


According to point 3 under the twitter display requirements
"No other social or 3rd party actions SIMILAR to Follow, Reply, Retweet and Favorite may be attached to a Tweet."

I’m assuming that a thumbs up or thumbs down is dissimilar enough to be allowed in this case (NOTE-the number of people who like or dislike a tweet will not be shown). Also the image(s) will be placed outside the tweet box (but adjacent to it).


3weeks and 4 days and STILL no answers? I’ve checked all the related content questions and none of them have the answers either. I’d really appreciate some feedback.


There is a discussion about this topic at
More info here
I think I’ll use google plus instead.


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