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I created a twitter card with large image on the 8 october 2016. The response i got was that my card is whitelisted. There was no option to request for approval from twitter. Up until today, my card has not been approved and there is not even an email from twitter about this. Is there anything else that i must do?.

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Nkosinathi Kinqa


The only kind of card that needs to be whitelisted in the player card. See our troubleshooting and FAQ post.


Hi andypiper

So what must i do now?. I am confused.

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Nkosinathi Kinqa


What is the site you’re trying to validate? Does it work in the validator? if not, fix it. If it works, then just Tweet the link for the card to show up.


Hi there

The site i am trying to validate is

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Nkosinathi Kinqa


Your card works. I just Tweeted your link and a card shows up. There’s no image, because you’ve not included any information about the image you want in the card markup on the page. The documentation on the summary large image card is here.

There is a lot more information in the troubleshooting post so I’ll leave you to follow the steps there.

There is no need to apply for whitelisting and you will not receive any email from Twitter related to your card.

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