Question about the write cancellation of an app


Hello Twitter.

I tried recenlty to create an application that will reply to every tweet with “cats” in it with a little message. Because it’s against the rule (I read them after,my bad), my application was cancelled from writing. The problem is that the cancellation is for the spam applications, and my application don’t spam, it store the users it have replied in a file, and if it has already replied to a message of this person,it won’t reply at all,so it don’t spam… I was asking myself if it could bypass the no spam program if i send a request about the support ? And, could change your system, and make it detect the real spam, and not the applications like mine ?



If you’ve been write-limited you should have received an email with details, and an address for follow-ups.

It is very difficult to know what a developer’s intent is when creating an app - many people try to deliberately create spammy apps. I’m sorry that yours was caught by our filters if that was not your intention, but our Botmaker technology needs to adapt to changing behaviours.

You should be able to follow up via the email you would have received.