Question about rate limit for friendships / create



What is the ratelimit for creating friendships? mentions that there is a rate limit, but no mention as to what it is. I’ve found this but again it is left out.


Also no mention for lists/member/create_all


Finally found where it is mentioned

Limits Per Window Per Resource
Our API rate limit window duration is currently 15 minutes long. Visit our API Rate Limit: Chart page to see the limits by resource.

Note that endpoints/resources not listed in the above chart are default to 15 requests per allotted user.


No, that limit doesn’t apply (or if it does, it’s not the only limit that applies). describes the more unique limits, of which “friendships/create” is one.

Would be nice if the API documentation could be corrected to link over to that page where applicable.


Thanks for this useful feedback. It has been on my backlog to clarify the rate limiting documentation as much as possible, and I’ll take this suggestion on board.