Question about "parameters"


How do I specify parameters on my REST-API call?

Specifically, I am trying to call and add the skip_status=true parameter.

I can call the verify_credentials endpoint with no errors. However, when I add skip_status=true, I get a 401 not authorized error. I guess I’m adding the parameter incorrectly? I just added it to the end of the URL as a querystring. Is this not correct?

Does the parameter need to be added to the header?



That’s exactly how you should be specifying parameters, as a query string. I’m surprised you’re seeing a 401 error with that parameter. Is your OAuth header setup correctly?


As far as I know the header is right (should the header be different after I add the querystring parameter?). Using the same code without the querystring, I get a response with the data I expect. With the querystring, I get the 401 error.


The oauth_signature will be unique between the calls, since it is calculated based on the URL and parameters. What language / Twitter library are you using?


Followup- with the parameter added to the URL both before the URL is encoded and put in the header OR just appended to the URL when the web-request is made, I get a 401 error.


Hmm. Very strange. I’ve tested with and without the skip_status parameter using twurl and the two calls work. I can only assume there’s some OAuth signing issue here at the moment. Any chance of trying an alternative library?


wrote my own, based on the OAuthTools project on… (The one on didn’t do everything we needed, so…)…


Do you know of a way to get twurl to spit out the header and other information to the console (without me digging through the source code to find it - or add it)?


-t option adds trace.