Question about "Impressions organic"?



Hey, guys!

I’m trying to pull organic impressions for tweets via REST API but i can’t. I have been looking for it around the internet for 2 days and still nothing… So my questions are:
1.Is there a way for pulling organic impressions for tweets via API or any other way? ( )
2. Should I use “Ads API”?

Thanks in advanced!


You can get access to impression data from gnip, the premium Twitter API.


What does this “premium Twitter API” mean? Should i pay for this? :slight_smile:


Yes. Here’s their website with more information:


So i can’t write php script to connect and get impression data without paying for gnip? Sorry for my questions and big thanks!


Correct. Impression data is not available within the free api.


If you’re not able to make use of our commercial API offerings, you could (alternatively) export the analytics information from your own dashboard. Hit the Tweets page, and there should be an Export Data button on the top right-hand side. There’s no free API-based access to this information.


Thank you for information!