Question about GET statuses/mentions_timeline



I’m making a little application a friend of mine requested.
He wants to see all his mentions from this week. I figured out how to do it but keep reaching the limit (while debugging)
So I wanted to see how I could make it work properly and looked up the GET statuses/mentions_timeline in the documentation.

In the description of this function it says "This method can only return up to 800 tweets."
There is also this parameter “count” which stands for how many tweets you want to get. The maximum count is 200.

Does this simply mean I can’t get more than 800 mentions?
What happens if I got lets say 1200 mentions in a week.
Do I lose the first(oldest) 400 mentions or can I still get those by using the “max_id” parameter?

If thats the fact, what exactly is ment by “This method can only return up to 800 tweets.”?

I find it a bit confusing, any help or clarification will be appreciated.

Kind regards.


Coincidentally, I just answered this here:

It’s the total possible length of the timeline. When a new mention gets added in position 0, the one that was in position -1(the last element in the collection) is no longer available.


Yeah I know, was just looking for this so I could ask you to close it since the issue is resolved now. Thanks


Still confused here. Can someone explain the difference between “Returns the 20 most recent mentions”, “This method can only return up to 800 tweets” and “Specifies the number of tweets to try and retrieve, up to a maximum of 200.” Thanks!


Without any form of count parameter you’ll get roughly the 20 most recent mentions.

If you add a count parameter you can add any number from 1 to 200 in here to get roughly that number back in a single API call.

The API itself can only retrieve through paging the top 800 mentions (that’s using the since_id and/or max_id parameters)