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Hi, I’m sorry for asking here but I don’t know where else to read or find information.

I want to take the first steps on using something that was on the videos but I’m not seeing on the documentation, which is to get notifications on a tweet.

What I want to basically do is:
A. choose or create a tweet
B. Receive a notification if there is either a retweet, or a comment or a like by email

I could use a search but my idea is to use the webhooks or a similar method which was explained on the new api.

Any clues where could I get more information, a sample code or something?

Thanks a lot and sorry for my english, it’s not my main language.


You will be using a couple of different endpoints to satisfy this use case.

A. To create a Tweet, you will have to use POST statuses/update. If instead, you are trying to locate a Tweet to track, you will likely be using one of our Search APIs.

B. If you are trying to track these statistics from a user that you are authorized to access content on behalf of, then the Account Activity API will be a great option for you. You do have to subscribe to the user who published the Tweet that you are aiming for and they have to provide you permission to access these stats.

If you are trying to track these stats from a user that you don’t think will authorize your application to access their information, then it will be slightly more difficult. We have some operators available with our Enterprise PowerTrack product that would help you track these stats:

The free option here would be to use the statuses/filter streaming API to try to track this information, but that gets dramatically more difficult.

I can’t help you too much with the delivery via email situation.


Hi @LeBraat thanks a lot for the info, and sorry for not replying before, had a family emergency,
I tried on postman with my app and keys but I’m getting “message”: “Could not authenticate you.” on the update status,

I read that my app may not have permissions to write, how can I check this?


Please see this post for the next steps to take in this scenario. It sounds more than likely that your app was potentially identified as not having followed the automation policy - write restrictions are usually due to unexpected behaviour or automated @mentions and hashtags.


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