Question about filtering mentions in a potential app



I am looking to build an app that enables users to have a more nuanced and filterable experience of twitter. Basically, some people get a lot of replies to their tweets that they don’t want to have to think about (think a brand that has people who always say rude things)(or a sports ref who doesn’t want to read certain comments) or have certain subjects they don’t want to talk about or can’t (say someone is a lawyer and they’d rather not see a question about a law case so they never make the mistake of answering something.)

I saw a tweet from a prominent person in a community who said “I don’t really want to see them mentioning me”

Think about it as a mixture of muting, sentiment analysis and chosen terms to auto tone police. A way of helping people “turn the other cheek” about things that may otherwise get their blood going. A more a

In the Twitter policy it mentions:

2. Maintain the Integrity of Twitter’s Products

Maintain the features and functionality of Content and Twitter API. Do not interfere with, intercept, disrupt, filter, or disable any features of Twitter or the Twitter API, including the Content of embedded Tweets and embedded timelines.

Would my App idea disrupt the integrity of Twitter’s product? I don’t want to touch the main feed. Really, it is about helping users filter out unwanted conversations or notifications from persistent followers or about certain things. But in a way that is filtering?

Am I reading into the policy too much? I know people want this functionality that builds on what Twitter provides but I want to make sure its okay to proceed with


Hi @AndrewDuck, Thanks for checking in to gain clarification of this policy. Let’s discuss specifics in more detail – drop us a note at and reference this post.


Hi @aaronhoff

Thanks for the response. I’ll write something up through the form. If there is anything you want me to clarify before i do that i am more than happy to do so