Question about email account when submitting appeals


I have a quick question.

When I submit the form for the appeal process, the email associated with the Twitter account is in there, and can not be modified, along with my Twitter username. But if my settings in Twitter are set to not received any notifications - will this stop me from getting the automated email from Twitter about the appeal?

We have failed to receive any sort of automated email from Twitter about the appeal at all. It’s quite frustrating because it’s hard to get a direct answer or to get someone to look into this further for us.

Is there a way for someone to manually resend the email or something?


Any email notifications related to an application will be sent to the email address associated with the account that owns the Twitter applications (registered via connected to the app.


So when filling out the form it will automatically pull the right email? What happens if the emails are different?


That’s the email that is in the box when I click the link to fill out the appeal form.

But again, nothing comes thru at all from Twitter to that email as an automated response.


As noted previously it will be the email address for the Twitter account owning the app ID. Thank you.

Closing as unable to further support via these forums.