Question about certain behavior


I created android app which let the user to log in to his twitter account after that the App will choose a sentence between 30 saved sentences and sends a tweet. The App will repeat that process automatically after certain amount of time (e.g 4 hours) . That process will being repeated until the user stop it. Does this behavior violates twitter rules ??


I recommend asking specific policy questions to the API policy team through

There is somewhat questionable value in a user tweeting a message on a regular, scheduled basis. But if the content is not spam, the user is fully aware and in control of the content being posted on their behalf, it’s clear to the user how to opt-out, and the app otherwise follows the developer terms of service, then it sounds like something not explicitly against the terms of service.

I’d recommend also reading the [support:76915, title=“automation rules and best practices”] and making sure it complies with those as well.