Question about automatization of DM



Hello all. I have a question for the community. I belongs to a company and I want create a twitter bot that make the a customer support like following:
- User sends a command to my “bot” user.
- Bot answer some info and … agin…
- User get the info that him wants

By example: An user wants the last invoice of his contract. Bot will explain the user how validate his data and send him a link to download the invoice if the data was validated.
The bot had to validate each user input so it’s possible that answer of repetaed way some times in a concrete “conversation”.

I see that Twitter have a limit of 1000 DM of use, It’s possible solve this? Maybe paying or validating the user of the company.

Sorry for my english.


As far as I know, there is no way around the limitations, that said maybe Twitter Staff can provide more information about this.


There are some changes to DM capabilities in a limited test at the moment that might help with this, but we are not able to quickly add new participants at this time. Otherwise, the existing account limits on DMs would apply.


The 1000 DMs is a daily limit and applied to all. Also you may face limitations with DMs as not all people contacting your bot will follow you and you may not be able to send DM.
You can try different approach by getting requests over mentions and replying @ on Twitter or sending email if information is private.
We did something similar here: TWEET TO ACTION