Question about app Conversion Tracking with Tracking Platforms



I have a doubt about how the conversion tracking will work with the Twitter API, and is key for us to be able to optimize campaigns based on performance.

We checked the docs and on the Twitter Cards for App Installs/Re-Engagement we just send the AppID on the appstore. But we will need the tracking platform (Appsflyer, TUNE, Adjust, etc) to let us know which installs were attributed to a particular click on the Twitter Card.

The information that we would from the Analytics part of the API are just aggregated numbers.

Our flow is like this:

  1. User will click on the Twitter Card
  2. User will install or open the App
  3. We receive a notification from the Tracking Platform (Tune, Kochava, Appsflyer, Adjust, Tapstream, etc) with the attributed install or App open.

If we can’t send a unique identifier on the click/impressions, there’s not way to do the attribution.

So, is it possible to send a click_id or send on the click a particular parameter that will let the tracking platforms notify us if that specific click_id install the app or generate an in-app event?

Alternatively, is there any mechanism where Twitter (through the API) can send us server-side information about each individual click generated by the campaigns?

Thanks for your help!


Hello @tech_guido,

Our mobile measurement partners attribute installs (and other events) to the most recent click (or view) within a particular attribution window.

Details on this click or view may not be shared with advertisers and may not be used for Ads API campaign management and optimization.

Only the data available via the Ads API (time aggregated conversions by line item, campaign or funding instrument that may optionally be segmented) will be available to you for campaign optimization.

We do not support click IDs. We do not provide information on individual clicks or views.