Question About Abraham's TwitterOAuth PHP library


Using the Abraham Williams TwitterOAuth class for our PHP application.

There is a setting for Immediately retry the API call if the response was not successful. This is FALSE currently.

Question: what is the impact if that is turned to TRUE?

The reason I ask, is that we have a process that runs from a CRON job that occasionally does not complete. When this happens and goes unnoticed, our server eventually stops responding. The job typically runs quickly and can do so for days on end, then it bogs down and clogs up our server with multiple instances all hung.

I think this is happening during times when Twitter isn’t responding to our calls - typically posting to twitter is where it happens.

IE we do something like this:

$content = $connection->post(‘statuses/update’, array(‘status’ => $tweet));

We always assume that we’ll get a response back. We do look at the returned data to see if the post was successful and handle that. But what if it times out - IE we don’t get a response at all. How to you code for that condition???

Any insights would be appreciated.