Querying hashtag from specific account


Hi, does any of you have experience in setting up a query of a hashtag from a specific account?

Something like this (originally suggested on StackOverflow)…

#hashtag AND from:@account

… just gets me an empty feed (as you can see from the image below).

Funny thing… when clicking on “Check for tweets” I can actually see the correct tweets’ list!


How recent are the Tweets including the hashtag if you search on Twitter.com? the widget (and Search API) will only show recent results from up to the past 7 days, so if the results are older than that, this is what I’d expect in the widget.


Thanks, I did not know this. The last tweet is in fact at least 1 month old. How I can work around this?


Unfortunately the way the widgets work is that they will only show content up to 7 days old - so the “workaround” as such would be to Tweet on the hashtag some more!


And do you know if/how this can be worked around with the Search API?

Right now the only feasible way for me appears to put the twitter page with the query in an iframe… not nice! :smile:


No. The Search API is limited to 7 days (and always has been). No workaround I’m afraid.


Ok, I’ll just tell my crew to move it, then.

Thank you @andypiper and have a nice evening.