Query operators in users/search


I’ve been trying to apply the same operators used in tweets search

for example twitter OR hp

i get nothing , is there any documentation how to send complex queries in users/search ?


another example if i search


i get nothing , but if i search tweets


i get alot of results


users/search doesn’t explicitly support such operators or complex queries.


Hi Taylor ,

Thank you , if I may also ask , does it mean i can only insert 1 field and receive different permutations for it ?
are there any operators? or search by different fields (location,url etc) ?

Thx , roee


The users/search API doesn’t accept any operators or let you search by any specific fields. It just takes queries and tries to find the most efficient/relevant matches for you – using its own heuristics to determine whether it’s matching a location or name or otherwise.


How do i get tweets from specific user with hashtags?
I tried with https://api.twitter.com/1.1/search/tweets.json?q=%23HASHTAG%20from%3AUSER, It is not returning any tweets. https://api.twitter.com/1.1/statuses/user_timeline.json doesn’t have option to filter using hashtag.

Please help me getting the tweets from a user with specific hashtag using API.
Thanks in advance.