Query - operator with "multiple words" in double quotes


Can the - operator be used like -“multiple words”? This is not working with the below query.

from search_metadata

decoded url used in php
$query = ‘https://api.twitter.com/1.1/search/tweets.json?max_id=337582998176268287&q=#avengers -#CaptainAmerica -“What to watch tonight” -"@TonyStarkTweet:" &lang=en&count=50’

The - operator works with single words but not with “sentence in double quotes”.
Tweets are not excluded or filtered from search results in the above query when used -“What to watch tonight”.

Also is there a way where only to search in the tweeted text.\

"id" : 3.3758299817627e+17,
"id_str" : "337582998176268288",
"text" : "#instagram #instagood #instafun #disney_store #avengers #hulk #captain_america #jokes hanusman http:\/\/t.co\/0hV5EvWohM",
"source" : "<a href=\"http:\/\/instagram.com\" rel=\"nofollow\">Instagram<\/a>",

What i mean is the keyword what i searched for should be there in “text” : in the above sample result.
In some tweets the keywords where not there in “text” : but where there in some other context like “user” : { “description” : keyword } etc


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I am also struggling in handling negative multiple keywords…