Query hashtag from user



I need to query on API for tweets from a specific user that contains a specific hashtag.

The problem is, sometimes #teste is not alone it comes with others, and when it happens, the query method only returns where it is alone.


Tweet one: I love #food #pizza

Tweet two: I love #pizza

If I search for #pizza, it will returns the second tweet, but i want both.


This is difficult to pin down based on the example you shared here. I saw your Tweet that you’ve been trying a query of q=from:ipan_brasil%26%23amigosIpan - I’ve just tried that on the web search and cannot see any hits that match within the usual 7 day window for the Search API results. Via the API, I get two results back that are just in the 7-9 window and both contain other hashtags. As far as I can tell this is working as expected.


The problem was the 7 day window.

I will do some cache on server side.

Thanks a lot.